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Prof. George Birkmayer

The original

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Prof. George Birkmayer

100% LIFE

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Prof. George Birkmayer


For a radiant appearance of young and older skin
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What is NADH?

NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride) - also known as coenzyme 1 - is the biological hydrogen or critical component for energy production in every human cell

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Prof. George Birkmayer

Discoverer of the therapeutic effect of NADH

Developer of the stabilized, bioavailable form of NADH in a tablet.

Confirmed the positive effect of NADH in numerous scientific studies, publications & patents

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What does NADH do?

The more NADH available to a cell, the more energy it can produce. With the help of this energy, cells can produce more of the vital components, thus functioning better and living longer.

The original

Prof. George Birkmayer succeeded for the first time in the world to stabilize NADH in tablet form for a long time and to supply it to the human body in the form of a food supplement.

Our Prof. George Birkmayer NADH products are still based on this groundbreaking discovery and optimize the
performance potential of each and every one of us with unique combinations of active ingredients.

What our customers say

Mental and physical exhaustion were gone within 20 minutes after taking RAPID. In the meantime, I take it prophylactically before major challenges and all is well.

Annemarie A. A.

I have an improved skin feeling and I miss it once I do not use it. I find it also protects my skin from environmental influences.

B. H.

My age does not show. Good skin feeling

B. R.

I have more energy, all day long.

Bertram R.

Thank you Prof. Birkmayer, you were the only one who understood what was really going on with me and could also help!

R. F.

I can read better and more clearly again, my sharp vision has improved considerably

K. M.

Prof. George Birkmayer NADH SKIN SERUM has eliminated a longstanding problem of my facial skin within two weeks and made my skin again brilliant.

A. M.

My sister-in-law in Krefeld feels the improvements every day. Climbing stairs works without much effort. Thank you for an excellent remedy.

G. H.

I noticed and felt that the NADH helped me and stimulated my eye

F. S.
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Prof. George Birkmayer

100% LIFE